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Aged Rosewood Erhu by Yu Kai Ming (Out of Stock)


1) What's the big deal about this erhu?

- Solid volume

- Clean and clear tone up to high registers

- Penetrative and full bodied tone


2) Specifications and Characteristics:

- Premium grade aged rosewood harvested from old buildings slapped with the choiciests part of top grade python skin

- Neck is slightly thicker and longer than standard erhus


3) About the maker:

YKM is relatively new erhu maker from Suzhou. Displaying his erhus at a music fair for the first time, his erhus received numerious accolades from both erhu players and erhu makers.

Since then, he has took part in various national wide erhu making competition and received the gold award on all occasions.


4) Included Accessories:

- Professional Song Rosin

- Extra set of Fang Fang Professional Strings

- 2 pcs of German made Wittner brand fine adjustors

- Bow of your preference

- Semi hard foam case (Best for shipping)


5)  Damage to your pocket

- US$2099 inclusive of shipping and insurance

Price: $2,099.00

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