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Exercise - Basic Bowing

Basic Bowing Exercise

- Bow the outer string from one end to another.

- Time it such that one bow from one end to another last 4 seconds. Play that continuously 8 times.

- It is important that you do it slow at 4 seconds per bow. This will improve the control over your bow.

- You might encounter some problems initially when changing the bow direction.

- Use a metronome for better effect.

- Avoid the common problems of bowing as highlighted in the previous section

- Do the same for the inner string as well.


It might seem difficult and noisy at first. But keep at it and you will find see improvement in the tone produced.

Bowing correctly forms the basis of how good you will sound on the erhu.

Try to practice at least 15minutes a day. In some music schools, this is what they practice for months before moving on!

When you get bored with this exercise, work on the following Exercise 1, 2 and 3. (available only for paid subscribers)