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Violin Transcriptions

Known to the West as the ‘Chinese violin’, this is partly true when violin pieces start to sound on the erhu instead. Violin pieces on the erhu really gained popularity in the 1980s and the trend started probably not just to increase repertoire but also to push the erhu’s technical abilities to the limits.

Most of such virtuosic pieces are not idiomatic for the erhu but conservatory students are trying to make this a thing of the past by transcribing more technical demanding violin pieces.

Click on the links to view the following videos:

- Caprice No.24 in A minor(帕格尼尼24随想曲)
- Carmen Fantasy(卡门)
- Czardas(查爾達什舞曲)
- Flight of the Bumblebee(野蜂飞舞)
- Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso (引子与回旋随想曲)
- Sunshine on Taxkorgon(阳光照耀着塔什库尔干)
- Zigerunerweisen(流浪者之歌)