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Regional style music

Many of the erhu pieces we listen to today contain musical themes from the various regional areas of China. These regions include Jiangnan (Southern tradition), Shaanxi (North Western China), Xinjiang (minority tribal music), Mongolia etc. Each of these areas has its distinct and intrinsic quality that gives each regional style (地方风格) a unique identity.

- Capriccio on the theme of Qin Qiang(秦腔主题随想曲)
- Herdsman on a meadow(草原新牧民)
- Lan Hua Hua Ballade(兰花花叙事曲)
- Scenery of Jiangnan(江南春色)
- Song of Praise(讚歌)
- Sunan Melody(苏南小曲)
- The Harvesting of Grapes(苏南小曲)