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No don’t cut the qianjin!

The qianjin is what a nut is to a guitar and is absolutely essential to the erhu. It holds the two strings together.

The qianjin is made of a type of waxed nylon material which is not usually found in any embroidery shops. (You can purchase a roll of qianjing string from our online store here)

The location of the qianjin is usually set 4 inches below this point A.


However, it should be adjusted according to the size of your hand. Those with longer fingers should have their qianjin adjusted higher while those with shorter fingers should have it adjusted lower.

The lower the qianjin, the lesser the stretch between notes. The distance between neck and the part where the qianjin pulls in the strings is usually the width of one’s thumb. It also should be adjusted according to the size of one’s hand. The distance is slightly larger for those with longer fingers and shorter for those with shorter fingers.

The qianjin should be changed after playing for some time. A worn out qianjin can be the cause of noisy tone, uneven pitch when playing the up and down bow.

The position of the qianjin also affects the tone produced. The higher the qianjin, the brighter the tone and louder the volume.