Getting Started in Non-sterile Compounding Workbook and DVD Package【海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】Getting Started in Non-sterile Compounding Workbook and DVD Package

Getting Started in Non-Sterile Compounding provides a well-paced and approachable introduction to: The most common drug delivery systems Essential compounding equipment Standard packaging forms, and Non-sterile compounding techniques in action to help your trainees get started right
Developed in collaboration with skilled technician educators - who are also experienced certified technicians, the Getting Started in Non-Sterile Video Training Program brings you the most practical training tools possible. This video makes no assumptions about a viewer's prior knowledge, and uses sound educational design to introduce concepts plainly and clearly.

The program presents topics in a logical sequence. The video program can be watched in its entirety or by topic to facilitate its use in multiple settings and to give instructors and facilities the flexibility to create their own teaching experience. Whether your training program is facility or school-based, you'll love the flexibility these programs provide. Instructors will have the capacity to go as fast or as slow as is required, tailoring the presentation of the material to the pace of instruction and the time limits of the class.

Available in DVD, each video is designed to be used with a companion workbook that has plenty of exercises and self-assessment questions to ensure your students and staff get the most out of their training time. We strongly encourage you to have a copy of the workbook for each trainee.

Dimensions: 27.9 x 21.6 centimetres (0.32 kg)

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